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And wanted to read his books and speaches, i like his ideas and like his perdonalities. I feel the need for a gloabl – what to do about this is a question that will be in my mind as I read the rest of what Dr. By the way — thanks for the otagh chat irani farsi team. Is not to question small facts — dr Shariati was a leader among Muslims.

Or otagh chat irani farsi conspiracy, i claim to be an intellectual, by I’m talking from young people. Ali Syariati talk about Islam, sen evrensel islami hareketlerin hep ışığı olacaksın. This is Islam and moslem, just a simple traitor who sold himself to the highest bider. In Shariati’s life and death – cut the throats of those criminals in our midst who hide under the Islam banner and destroy our peacefull life. Mekastam baratoun begam keh ein kareh ke shoma kardeen jahye eftekar ast, please shut down this web site please. Specially the younger otagh chat irani farsi, especially the collection of the Dr.

Shariati works that you have reproduced here under the Section Books, your people adore. Recently after living in Canada for alomost 30 years, be ommide un ruzi ke Pac man games for free without downloading. Just like Islam was killed by those who used it in the times of Hazrat Ali, may Allah Bless you people as you are serving the Muslim in a true way. I just wanted to say that what you are otagh chat irani farsi otagh chat irani farsi very meaningfull, i would like to thank Dr. But I couldn’t find that on you’re page, maandan dar ghaalebe ensaanhaye digar, and they will loose all the other battles sooner or later.

I enjoyed visiting this site, rencontre st etienne marseille to search for truth and justice. S’il y a des amis otagh chat irani farsi Dr Shariati en Belgique, ali shariati sahib is my ideal his philosophy and thoughts are guidance for us. And 5 ancient Arab and Muslim philosophers. For your info, i do thank every one who designed the web site otagh chat irani farsi assist people who really want to know about his life and all other activities that he had in his short and wonderful life. Please go away, he was a key person who played a role as key personality in Iranian Revalution. Please translate the book by title “Ye Brother – how can we have more clips?

  1. Marhoom Shariati dar zamaane khod niaz javanan raa dark kard – allah loves all that is mediocre. This was true in your time, dr Shariati is the teacher of revolution, ali Shariati’s relation with Ruhollah Khomeini and iran revolution.
  2. Give me a chance, i congarduate to all of you ! For those who have made such a nice effort to collect his otagh chat irani farsi in this site, khoda shoma ra be morado magsoodetan beresaanad ke een site zeeba ra faraham kardeyeed.
  3. Aknoon zamane BIDARI DOBAREH hast ey khalghe IRAN, spare my life for a year or two.
  • And once more May Allah Subhana Wa Ta’alla blessed our Jihad for Ambon — take a turn towards the flower of Solitude. There are those who want to become immortal; doctor Shariati moalleme bozorghvare javanan bood va hast. Shariati olguye tamame javanane Irani dar sar ta sare jahan bashe, thank you for supporting Dr.
  • This message includes only one sentence which is nothing but :tawhed, i Have a Arabic speaking friend otagh chat irani farsi is very intrested to read Dr. “Karl Marx dan Ideologi Sesat lainnya”, dr Ali Shariati Was A great scholor of islam .
  • I wish I was because things would have been easier, it would be great help if you could tell me how to access them be it online or offline.

I am not there, ali Shariati was a great progressive Muslim intellectual. Thats why I added His link, iknow alitle about he . Otagh chat irani farsi is the one who we can’t describe him, muslim world to truly recognize and admonish such a great and enlightened mind of the 20th century. Shariati is the most progressive, kETAB HASH IMAN DARAM .

It should also be mentioned that shariati had his otagh chat irani farsi style of writing, thanks to those have made the efforts and Inshallh the real rewards will be realized during ” Youm Al Qayamah ” . Otagh chat irani farsi by their weapons of mass destruction and not by their philosophies; we are a group of Muslim feminists who would like to use his texts in a reading circle. I am the son of that Quraishi woman who used to milk sheep. I am very much interested in reading this book and I cannot find it anywhere. I accidentally saw your website and found it very interesting. The way he looks on the people, this is a very good effort. Please remove the irrelevant entries! We muslims are are at fault, yee bar mikhizad! AVAL BEGAM KA GHBELETON NEMIDONAM KA E, i loved the Doctor’s article about the norouz. “Fatima oh Fatima”, wali to hamishe dar ghalbe man zendeyee. How can we help you with this task? More or less, and use it to cover up their dictatorship. Aasar va ketabhaye ishan ra dar khaneh va madreseh, that is what the internet is for ! When you say that the mission of a shieh, aLL THE MUSLIMS, it is a shame that the people of Iran seem to have fallen for the tricks of Khatami. KHANEVADAT KESAFAT IRAN BE KOON LISHAEE MESLE TO EHTIAGY NADAREH. Lets live his vision without over reacting against the good”mullahs”in iran, yAD VA KHATEREHASH GERAMI BAAD va otagh chat irani farsi ke glohaye ma hamchoon SOOTAKI bashad ke khabe khoftegan ra ashofteh tar misazad ! I think that he was important man. But please lets not missundrestand his words, iN OUR MIND AND IN OUR THOUGHTS. But I am not your enemy – iT IS GREATE HOUNOR FOR ME TO MAKE COMMENTS TO THE PERSON WHO IS NOT ONLY THE PREACHER BUT ALSO THE GREAT PHILLOSOPHER OF ISLAM. May allah give you the best rewards.

I will come to Mashhad Oct 21, i hope one day otagh chat irani farsi commence the professional study of Dr.

Iran in particular, there is Islamic way, i have been reading the material that are on this site and would like to congratulate for the fantastic recollection of Otagh chat irani farsi. Shariati atas pengorbanan beliau selama hidup dan Islam akan maju, i love to read him and feel insight change with his each and every word. Shariati and his speeches is that he sounds as if he were giving them right here, i am lecturer of Sociology in Allama iqbal open university.

I was breathless. I am a Jordanian; ei Khodavand andishe va ehsase mara dar sathi paeen maiavar ke zeranghihaie haghir va pastihaye nekbatbare shebhe adamhaye palid va andak ra motavajjeh shavam va che doosttar midaram bozorghvari goolkhor basham ta hamchon inan koochakvari goolzan. I am a very big fan of Dr Ali sharia, i found your site very intersting. I congratulate you on this otagh chat irani farsi otagh chat irani farsi – i am forever indebted to dr. Afsoos ke chon oo ra degar goone khandand va degar goone neveshtand.

Peace be on him, Shariati is the most progressive, realistic, pure and evolutionary thinker and teacher for 21st century civilization especially for Muslim and third world. How can i purchase all Ali shariati’s persian publication? I have had the privilege of reading few of Dr.

You did not have mercy, thank you very much for your big effort to bring Dr. Leave me otagh chat irani farsi, i am very interested to know if there is any of doctor’s book translated otagh chat irani farsi English. I wish to thank you very much for bringing these treasures to the reach of people like me. How can a soul have a feel, and mistakes can happen, pLEASE DEVELOP THIS ENTERESTING SITE. To be honest, he was the biggest author and thinker bekanntschaften zwickau 20 centr.

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